UL and CSA Approved Transmitters

We now offer a line of UL and CSA Certified Products!


We have partnered with SGS (the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company) to confirm that our products meet the specific and stringent requirements needed to earn the UL mark. UL testing is designed to ensure products always operate safely, even under extreme circumstances. During the approval process, our equipment was exposed to power surges, electrical sparks, fires, freezing temperatures, heat, dust, high humidity, and more to evaluate stability and predictability.


The tests push the product far beyond any environmental extremes you would expect it to withstand, to ensure that if circumstances cause a component to fail, it fails without causing damage to anything or anyone around it. We are proud to say our products passed with flying colors!


For our customers who require UL or CSA certificated equipment, you now have options in the BWI Eagle product line of industrial remote controls. You can rest assured that our products meet or exceed the nationally recognized standards for safety.

UL and CSA Approved Transmitters products

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