Interval Timers

Interval timers, also known as intervalometers, are devices used to measure and control specific time intervals. They are commonly used in various applications that require timing functions such as interval training, workout routines, photography, scientific experiments, and industrial processes.


Interval timers offer the ability to set specific time intervals and provide alerts or actions at the end of each interval. Interval timers come in different forms, including standalone devices, smartphone apps, or software applications. They offer flexibility and precision in managing time intervals, helping individuals and professionals adhere to specific timing requirements in their respective activities.


Interval timers provide accurate countdown timing resulting in a switched 15-amp relay and audible timeout alarm.

Front buttons or membrane keyboard adjust the countdown on the interval timers, and the previous setting is kept in memory to facilitate repeat functions.

Popular applications of interval timers include medical equipment, process control devices, commercial cooking appliances, pool/spa installations and exercise equipment.

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