Delay on Break

Off Delay, Delay on Release, Delay on De-Energization

A delay on break timing relay is an electrical device used to introduce a delay in the de-energization or turning off of a load or circuit after a control signal is removed. It provides a specific time delay before the load or circuit is de-energized, allowing for additional operation or control during the delay period.

Power is continuously applied to the input terminals of the timer. Upon closure of a Normally Open (N.O.) external initiate switch, the load transfers immediately and remains transferred as long as the external initiate switch is closed. Commencement of the time delay is deferred by maintaining closure of the external initiate switch. Opening the initiate switch starts the time delay. At the end of the delay period, the load de-energizes and the timer is ready for another cycle. Delay time may be reset to beginning, prior to the end of the delay period, by momentarily reclosing (pulsing) the initiate switch.

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