DC-DC Converters

DC-DC converters, also known as voltage converters or power converters, are electronic devices that convert one level of direct current (DC) voltage to another level of DC voltage. They are widely used in various applications where it is necessary to step up or step down the voltage level to meet specific power requirements.


The Eagle Lampman II Power Supply is a DC to DC converter developed by BWI Eagle for 12 volt lighting systems and electronic accessories on all types of mobile equipment.


DC-DC Converters (Power Supplies)


Designed originally to withstand the punishing demands of the mining industry, the Eagle Lampman II is equally well-suited for virtually any industrial application requiring a rugged, reliable power supply.


Incorporating advanced electronic technology and innovative circuitry design, the Lampman II sets the standard for dependable, trouble-free performance.


The Lampman‘s electronics are encapsulated for protection against dust, moisture, vibration and shock, yet major components are accessible should repair be necessary.


The highly regulated output allows the Lampman to drive any combination of 50 or 75 watt halogen lamps, along with on-board DC accessories, up to a total of 200 watts. To further prolong lamp life, the Lampman automatically compensates for input voltage and output load variations.


Internal circuitry is protected from harm should the output cable short-circuit or become open, the Lampman automatically restarts when the short is removed and the load is applied. An integral input filter provides protection by effectively suppressing line transients before damage occurs.


Rugged, reliable, cost-effective – the Lampman II is the solution for your most troublesome power supply problems.

  • Bolts up directly to OEM systems
  • Filtered input suppresses voltage spikes
  • Regulated DC output restarts automatically when short circuit is removed
  • No external heat sinks, filters, or surge suppressors
  • Repairable components
  • Cost-saving replacements for OEM converters

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