IO-Link Master

The IO-Link Master is a very versatlie industrial standard device. It provides the best solution about IO-Link gateway systems the embedded OPC-UA based technology. This new device series combines all the IO-Link standard technology benefits with OPC-UA and Field busses like Ethernet-IP, Profinet and Modbus all together in one family with two different devices to select the appropriate bus technology. The IO-Link Master is able to run simultaneously different technologies allowing the use of OPC-UA without the need of a PLC included in the system saving hardware and software cost. The IOlink data can be sent by an IO-Link sensor directly up to any SCADA or HMI software system. The unique and integrated WEB server Technology allows to get connected with your sensor bank just with a ethernet based device and using any commercial internet browser, setting and reading sensor parameters in the most efficient and easy way.

IO-Link Master products

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