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About Us


Access Control Sales, established in 1986, proudly serves all industrial and manufacturing clients throughout the world. Our founder Brian Garlick, has worked hard to establish a company that is known to supply orders on time and on budget. This continues to be our mission today and has allowed us to thrive in all provinces and territories throughout our home country here in Canada.

Access Control Sales spent decades slowly growing our product offerings. All of our suppliers must meet our strict criteria on: Quality, Consistency, and Value. Our products are rarely returned and almost never defective which allows both parties to save time and money.

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Time Mark 3-Phase Monitors: Applications and benefits

Time Mark 3-Phase Monitors: Applications and benefits

May 10, 2022

Time Mark 3-phase monitors are specially engineered to meet the demands of today’s industrial power systems. They are suitable for detecting various abnormal power conditions including phase reversals, phase loss, voltage unbalance, under voltage and over voltage. The design of these 3-phase monitors make them suitable for use in monitoring and protecting a broad array of industrial systems.

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Custom Solution

Access Control Sales is not just a stocking agent and distributor. We have full time sales and support staff who are ready to assist in your new or existing design to help you find the right components to get the job done. Many of our products are made-to-order, so if you need a customized time range and voltage, or have extreme temperatures to measure don’t hesitate to inquire. We want to work with you to meet your specs and your budget.

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