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Current Transformers From Tele-Haase

Current Transformers

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Providing reliable sensing results even at high currents of up to 1,500 amperes – they can be used to expand the sensing range not only on TELE monitoring relays, thyristor controllers and softstarters. The current transformers are available as bar and baffle type models with a wide variety of currents for a broad range of applications.

WSW Series Current Transformers
For currents up to 40 A, baffle-type current transformers with terminal- connected primary circuit can achieve a high degree of accuracy. Sliding terminal covers provide very good touch protection.
WSW Series Current Transformers
DSW Series Current Transformers
For sensing high currents up to 1500A bar-type current transformers are slid directly over the power rail. Two sizes accommodate all commonly used formats. The high power rating provides adequate strength to withstand even strongly fluctuating sensed values.
DSW Series Current Transformers

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