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Safety Relays From Tele-Haase

Safety Relays

Be on the safe side
The multifunctional concept of the S² series provides cross-circuit detection and evaluation of non-equivalence signals up to safety cat. 4. In addition to emergency-stop and safety door monitoring, these safety standards can also be used for safety mats and light curtain. Two-hand control and time delay for controlled shutdown complete the TELE range of safety products for man and machine.

ZK Series Safety Relays
The ZK emergency-stop relays combine 3 normally-open contacts, a control contact and a 2-channel activation capability in one housing. They are particularly useful in applications slightly exceeding the contact count of the slimmer series S² devices.
ZK Series Safety Relays
S² Series Safety Relays
This series comprises a wide variety of emergency-off control devices. They are designed for single- or dual-channel activation, and for connecting light curtains or safety mats. 2-hand controls and contact expansions complete the range.
S² Series Safety Relays

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