DC Power Supplies From Tele-Haase

DC Power Supplies

TELE is your reliable source of DC power
TELE offers you a wide range of power supplies with a variety of voltages and functions together with very high efficiency, covering compact DC supplies, installation-type units and regulated switch-mode power supplies. The regulated switch-mode power supplies provide a wide input voltage range and electronic short-circuit protection against overloading.

DC Power Transformers
Units in well approved technology supply DC-voltage for equipment in indus-trial panels or building distribution boards. The units are protected against overload by reversible thermal contact or replaceable fuse. The use of a three phase powered unit will result in a evenly load of the network.
DC Power Transformers
Switching Power Supplies
This technology allows to build units with high effi-ciency at low volume and low mass. Up to 500 Watt can be powered by units for industrial applications. Units in a housing to mount in distribution panels as well benefit from this technology by more power in a compact housing.
Switching Power Supplies

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