Miscellaneous Controls, Accessories and OEM Replacement Parts

Count on BWI Eagle for excellence in a wide range of cost-effective specialty products. We carefully research customer needs in the service of providing solutions for the problem situations. All the products you'll find featured on this page are engineered with increased safety and productivity in mind.

The Eagle Stitt Tester (EST)

Our newly patented technology accurately measure true ground circuit resistance!

In applications such as resistance grounded systems where regulations permit a maximum voltage on equipment frames under ground fault conditions, it is essential that the ground circuit resistance be known.

The EST accurately measures ground circuit resistance using a new and unique method which is NOT affected by pilot wire resistance, contact resistance, or other factors affecting conventional methods.

The Eagle Stitt Tester - Saves money, time and LIVES!

Eagle Stitt Tester - Measures Ground Circuit Resistance

The Eagle High Voltage Grounding Plug

Ground high voltage underground lines safely with the Eagle High Voltage Grounding Plug.

When using high voltage couplers, safely grounding the three power contacts can be difficult. The Eagle High Voltage Grounding Plug has a unique feature which insures that each power conductor is effectively grounded, ONE AT A TIME. The plug is designed such that the power conductors are not connected to each other until AFTER each conductor has been grounded.

The heavy-duty insulated housing provides maximum user protection, while the convenient carrying case keeps the grounding plug contacts clean.

The Eagle Slip Switch Tester

The Eagle Slip Switch Tester (SST) searches for faults and jumpers in a slip switch while the conveyor is running. The SST will not shut down the conveyor system unless a fault or jumper is found

  • Satisfies PA laws regarding pre-shift testing of the conveyor slip switch in deep mines
  • Works will all brands of electronic speed switches

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