Dust Suppression Systems from Eagle

Secure immediate compliance with most federal and state dust regulations.

BWI Eagle dust suppression systems offer extremely cost effective solutions for controlling airborne dust along conveyor belts.

These modular systems consist of easily connected, factory assembled components that provide the flexibility to adapt to virtually all conveyors.

Each system sprays a controlled amount of water that minimizes airborne dust. In addition, the system is programmed to stop spraying when the belt stops, preventing potential belt slippage due to excessive moisture.


Eagle Two-Timer Plus

The Eagle Two-Timer Plus is designed to prevent float dust that accumulates on conveyor belts from becoming airborne. Two adjustable timers alternately cycle spray nozzles on an off while the belt is running.

  • Switch-selectable spray pattern for either average or severe dust conditions
  • Swivel spray nozzles direct water efficiently over the dust area
Two-Timer Plus - Dust SuppressionTwo-Timer Plus - Dust Suppression

Eagle Dustman

The Eagle Dustman is designed to prevent dust from becoming airborne at conveyor transfer and dumping points.

  • Adjustable, swivel spray nozzles for better spray coverage
  • Socket mounted control unit fits easily inside existing electrical panel
  • Consists of just three factory-assembled components, a control unit, a solenoid valve assembly, and a spray bar & hose assembly.
Dustman - Dust Suppression     Dustman - Dust Suppression

Eagle Water-Stik

The Eagle Water-Stik affords highly effective, yet inexpensive, dust suppression at conveyor transfer points.

  • System is self-contained with all components integrated on the spray bar
  • Requires only simple water and electrical hook-ups
  • Can be upgraded to include adjustable, swivel spray nozzles

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